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Lotto tickets

Can I pick some of the lines by myself and other ones using the “quick pick” tool?

Sure, you can pick some lines yourself, and then others using the automatic quick pick feature. Remember that using quick pick will help you easily pick genuinely random numbers.

Does PocoLotto scan customers’ tickets?

Nope. Unfortunately, due the sheer number of tickets our agents purchase every single day, it would be impossible to scan individual tickets without massively raising our prices. Please remember you can always check your numbers, at any time, in your dashboard.

How can I buy lotto tickets online?

You can easily buy lotto tickets here at PocoLotto. Simply open a free user account on our website, then choose the lottery you’d like to play. You can then either choose your numbers, or set of numbers yourself, or use the convenient ‘quick pick’ tool. Next, simply choose “Pay Now,” select your preferred payment method, then make the payment. Then just wait to see if you’ve won!

What does “quick-pick” mean?

By selecting the ‘quick pick’ option, our system will automatically pick random numbers for you. This is especially convenient if you’re in a hurry, or if you are buying many lines and/or tickets. Your numbers will still be visible in your dashboard.

What does the “Pending” message displayed in the next draw countdown box mean?

When “Pending” is displayed in the countdown box, it means tickets for the next draw are no longer being sold and we are waiting for the draw results. As soon as the results are verified and the prize pool for the next draw is confirmed, the “pending” message will disappear, replaced by the countdown to the next draw.

What does the “tickets for the nearest draw are no longer available” message mean?

This message means tickets for the next draw are no longer available. As a rule, you can buy tickets until 2 hours before the draw. This is because our agents need time to ensure they can purchase the tickets on our customers’ behalf. When tickets for the next draw are no longer available, you can buy tickets for next draw after it.

What does the number of lines means?

This simply means how many ‘tries’ or ‘attempts’ – with most lotteries ‘1 line’ gives you one attempt or chance at winning. Each line must be a different set of numbers. You can use our ‘quick pick’ feature to automatically pick random numbers.

Some lotteries require you to pick a minimum number of lines to play. Please consult the individual lottery information pages for specific details.

With all lotteries, the more lines you purchase, the higher your chances of winning are.

Where can I check the ordered tickets?

Simply select the “My Tickets” tab from the user panel.