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France’s most popular lottery, this draw is organised and supervised by Française des Jeux, and has been running since 1976. Tickets are sold at retail outlets throughout France, but of course, you can also play it from anywhere in the world by buying your tickets right here at Pocolotto.

Draws take place 3 times per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 20:35 French time. Minimum jackpot is €2,000,000, and there can be up to 34 consecutive rollovers – with the jackpot increasing by €1 million each time. This is particularly attractive because it means you know exactly how much the jackpot will be in upcoming draws, regardless of how many tickets end up being sold. 

How to play French Lotto

Simply pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 49, along with one extra ‘Chance’ number from 1 to 10. You’ll need to purchase at least two lines or sets of lucky numbers to enjoy the French Lotto online. 

There are 9 prize tiers, and to win the jackpot you’ll need to get all 5 main numbers plus the extra number correct. Simply get the ‘Chance’ number correct and you’ll win the lowest tier prize. 

Remember, you can buy your French Lotto tickets right here via Pocolotto, no matter where you are in the world, 24 hours a day. 

French Lotto ticket prices

After you have finished choosing your lottery numbers, your French Lotto ticket price will be automatically displayed. There is no extra charge for using the quick-pick feature. 

The price shown is the price you pay, including our fee. There are no catches or hidden charges, and we always strive to keep our French Lotto ticket prices fair and competitive. 

Why play French Lotto?

  • Frequent draws
  • Attractive jackpot odds
  • Guaranteed minimum jackpots
  • High rollovers
  • No French tax on lottery winnings

French Lotto tips

Did you know that the chances of winning the French Lotto jackpot around 1 in 19 million – which is actually very good for the kind of prizes offered when compared with other lotteries. Of course, as always, you can improve your odds simply by purchasing more lines. 

Will you be the next massive French Lotto winner? There’s only one way to find out, so make sure you buy your ticket right here with Pocolotto today. Good luck!